Chris Stoesen Fiction: CSS Appomattox: A Thomas Devareaux Alternative History Military Adventure

CSS Appomattox: A Thomas Devareaux Alternative History Military Adventure

CSS Appomattox

The CSS Appomattox is a work of alternative history fiction, concentrating on the adventures of the naval airship commander Thomas Devareaux and his crew. The action takes place in the air, over sea, and land as our heroes battle in defense of their country.

Background of the Novel
In October 1862, the Confederacy is recognized by both France and Great Britain. Lincoln opens peace negotiations that effectively ended the American Civil War. Decades later, the young Confederacy forges an alliance with Spain – a fading empire desperately clinging to its remaining Caribbean colonies.

The Confederate Military assigns the young crew of the airship CSS Appomattox to assist their country’s new ally. The Appomattox is dispatched with a token Naval force to defend Puerto Rico. Here they will stand against the coming threat of an expansionist German Empire and its ally, the United States.

The crew of the Appomattox not only has to fight against the German military, but forces from within their own navy as well. During their exploits, Devareaux and his crew are recruited by the Signals Bureau (the Confederate Secret Service) to battle their enemies overtly as well as covertly. They encounter enemy agents who seek to do in the young nation through their efforts with espionage.

The action takes place in the skies above the Caribbean and on land as Devareaux leads his landing party of marines to support the guerrillas fighting in the hills of occupied eastern Puerto Rico.

The Series
This is the first book in the Thomas Devareaux series. This Alternate History novel employs elements of Steampunk without taking historical technology developments too far outside of their historical progression.

This book is 81,000 words long and approximately 232 pages (paperback).

This title is currently available on Amazon. The link below is my affiliate link to the book. CSS Appomattox: A Thomas Devareaux Alternative History Military Adventure (The Thomas Sumter Devareaux Series Book 1)

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