Chris Stoesen Fiction: December 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope that everyone has a fantastic Christmas season and a wonderful new year. As we approach 2015, I am busy at work on the sequel to the CSS Appomattox.

After just a few short days since publication, things are looking pretty good. The book went live on Kindle on October 30. In the fifty-four days since it has been up, I have over 300 purchases which I am actually very happy with. I now have six reviews on the book of which five are very positive. Apparently reviewer number six did not enjoy the book. But still, my other book on Kindle has been up since March of this year and only have 4 reviews and less than a quarter of the downloads. Fiction is far more popular than wargaming scenarios.

So to you who have given the CSS Appomattox a chance, THANK YOU! Thank you very much. I hope to hear from more of you.

The new year should hold some changes. I hope to have a few free items for the readers here as a thank you gift. I will probably put up a few short stories and the like here as I work on them. Also, if anyone is interested, an experiment in collaborative storytelling.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hello World

Yes, its one of those useless first posts on a new blog. Just like in an introduction to programing class, where they teach you to write your first program that spits out Hello World, most first blog posts are similar.

The purpose that I had in mind for this blog was to throw around ideas that I have for books that I am working on that are fiction. I have another blog that has my wargaming related topics. Stop by if you have any interest in that sort of thing.

I have published my first novel, CSS Appomattox , back on October 30th through Kindle Direct Publishing. I am currently working on three other fiction projects. The first is the sequel to the Appomattox. The second is a short story about an attempted terrorist attack. The third is a novel about an archeologist in Israel that makes a discovery about a man not mentioned by name in the Bible. It is a servant of Abraham who chronicled his life with the patriarch.

I am easily distracted so other things will pop up from time to time.

I do have a mailing list and if anyone is interested, I will put up a page to join my mailing list soon. The plan is to only use the list to notify folks when I have actually published something.

Thanks for stopping by.