Chris Stoesen Fiction: February 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

CSS Appomattox is now live on Google Play and Nook

I just managed to get the book uploaded to Google Play this morning and onto the Nook platform this afternoon. Neither are live yet. I opened an account with iTunes to have it there as well. iTunes has a much more complicated process to have your book uploaded to it. They require several validations before they allow you to upload a book. Google, Nook and Amazon were far easier to deal with. I am still trying to figure out if these will be worthwhile or if I should stick with selling only through Amazon and their Kindle Unlimited program. My Kindle Unlimited settings expired yesterday. Yet strangely enough, I still had a KU sale today on the sales dashboard. Anyway, Amazon has been very good to me. I am closing rapidly in on 800 copies sold of the book. Thank you all for reading. Update! CSS Appomattox is now live on Google Play. Update again! It is now live on the Nook store as well.