Chris Stoesen Fiction: November 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hunting Season is making Progress

Been hard at work on Hunting Season. It is a follow up to The Home. It is set in a different part of the country than The Home. While never mentioned in the book, The Home is set in central Florida. Hunting Season is set in Middle Georgia. It follows a High School Senior through the opening days of the Zombie Apocalypse through his eyes. I am still working on the cover for it. It will be considerably longer than The Home.

What I am looking for is a picture of a tree stand at night. It is a view looking up at it and through the trees at the moon. Anyone have a picture like that hanging around and want it as a book cover, I would be grateful.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Antietam Sunrise name change to Sharpsburg Sunrise

Well the more I wrote on the prequel, the less happy I was with the name. Then it struck me, the South referred to the battle as Sharpsburg since that was the town that the battle took place near. Antietam was the creek that ran behind the Union lines to the east of Sharpsburg. If I am writing an alternative history book about the South winning that battle, maybe I should call it by their preferred name. So Sharpsburg Sunrise it is.

I have pinned down the graphics that I want to use down to 2. I currently have permission to use this one:

I like this picture but it is awful small. You can find the original here at: Patti Ballard is the owner and she has been very gracious (not to mention rather speedy) in giving me permission.

I have my eyes set on a second picture but I am waiting to hear back from the owner. I like it a little better as it has the sun rising above the cornfield. Honestly, the first one is probably more accurate as the accounts I keep reading has the battlefield near the 40 acre cornfield bathed in smoke.

Anyway, I will see if Patti is able to find a higher resolution image for me. Thanks Patti!