Chris Stoesen Fiction: April 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015


I just signed up for WattPad. The experiment with WriteOn so far is a non-starter as there does not seem to be a large amount of traffic there in terms of readers. Writers is another story.

I found an interesting ongoing piece about the Spanish Civil War on WriteOn. It is called Yes, I am Spain by S H Villa. If you have any interest in the Spanish Civil War, you really should check it out.

Anyway, back to WattPad. This seems to be a much more established site. At this point, I am just duplicating the work I have on WriteOn out there. I started with the Holiday Short that I first posted here. I added a WattPad widget off to the right here if you want to track me down over there.

The sequel to CSS Appomattox is coming along. I have 12 finished chapters done so far. I have closed out the initial part of the story and gotten the characters to the location of the main action of the book. I held back on resolving some of the loose ends from the first book. There is some more I wish to do there still but just not in this book.

I have also found some half started things. I have begun transferring all of those from Microsoft Word over to Scrivner. That should make them easier to deal with.

Sorry that I have been so quiet as of late. Been dealing with some family health issues that have taken up much of my time. I will be back.