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Hello everyone and welcome. I am a project manager by day and a writer any moment that I can take. I love reading Science Fiction and Alternate History. And writing a bit about that as well.

I live in the Atlanta area with my wife, son and five fish. When not working or writing, I am an avid wargamer and have published a number of supplements with

I am currently working on the New Glasgow War series. This follows the adventures of Rachel Duncan of the New Glasgow Militia as she battles against the superior forces of the Federated Union of Planets.

The Thomas Devareaux series follows the actions of a Confederate Airship commander as he is assigned across the globe on missions to build up the Confederacy's allegiances.  It is a work of alternative history set in the 1880s. Book three will take place in the skies over the Crimea as the Russian and the Ottoman Empires prepare for another war.

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