Chris Stoesen Fiction: New Release Coming Soon

Friday, October 6, 2017

New Release Coming Soon

I have finished the editing on the first book in my sci-fi series - Out of the Ashes. I have a new cover for it for the book from the very talented artist - Aaron Miller of Miller Design and Marketing. I really like it.

The series is the New Glasgow War. The basis is that the Federated Union of Planets controls a number of systems in the galaxy. There are core planets that formed the FUP. They are the full members. Secondary systems that were colonized later are associated systems that have fewer rights within the FUP. Several planets have rebelled against the FUP whose military has brutally suppressed them in each case.

The planet of New Glasgow has been fighting the FUP for years. Duncan of the New Glasgow Militia has been in the fight since the beginning. She is fighting against the elite that the FUP has to offer including their Mechs.