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CSS Appomattox

The CSS Appomattox is a work of alternative history fiction. In October 1862, the Confederacy is recognized by both France and Great Britain. Lincoln opens peace negotiations that effectively ended the American Civil War. Decades later, the young Confederacy forges an alliance with Spain – a fading empire desperately clinging to its remaining Caribbean colonies. The Confederate Military assigns the young crew of the airship CSS Appomattox to assist their country’s new ally. The Appomattox is despatched with a token Naval force to Puerto Rico. Here they will stand against the coming threat of an expansionist German Empire and its ally, the United States.
This is the first book in the Thomas Devareaux series.
This title is currently available on Amazon. The link below is my affiliate link to the book. CSS Appomattox: A Thomas Devareaux Alternative History Military Adventure (The Thomas Sumter Devareaux Series Book 1)

The Last Airship From Khartoum

Devareaux's command is being hunted. He must battle traitors at home before being sent on a goodwill mission to secure favor with their ally Great Britain. Now promoted and in command of a squadron of airships, Devareaux and his men must fight against not only hordes of enemies but the perceptions of his allies as well. Drawn across the sweeping drama of the fall of Khartoum to the forces of the Mahdi, Devareaux must try to convince General Gordon that his position is untenable and help the man escape before they miss the Last Airship out of Khartoum.
This title is currently available on Amazon. The link below is my affiliate link to the book. The Last Airship From Khartoum: A Thomas Devareaux Alternative History Military Adventure (The Thomas Sumter Devareaux Series Book 2)

Sharpsburg Suntrise

Before Thomas Devareaux ever set foot on the deck of his airship, his father fought in the defining moment of Confederate history, the battle of Sharpsburg. As the surviving officer of a company in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment, he leads his company into battle while the fate of the Civil War hangs in the balance.
This is the prequel to the Thomas Devareaux Alternative History Military Adventure Series. It follows the adventures of James Devareaux as he becomes the leader of a veteran company of Confederate soldiers during the Battle of Sharpsburg which was known as Antietam in the North.
James Devareaux is not the catalyst for the moments that will change history but he is an eye witness to the battlefield friction that results in a different outcome than our present timeline. The cast of characters includes the officers who were present at the battle of Antietam. The Appendix lists the historical liberties that were taken with the battle to lead to a Confederate victory.
If you enjoyed the books of the Thomas Devareaux series, check out the prequel that made it all possible.
The story is just over 13,000 words in length.
This book is available from the following online retailers:
Amazon, iTunes, Scribd, Page Foundry, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook.

The Home: A Zombie Survival Short Story

Three survivors are in desperate need of medication needed for one of their number to survive. Having tried and failed to locate it at pharmacies and medical facilities, they turn to the one place left to them, an assisted living facility. Knowing that before the rise of the undead, the facility took care of several patients with the same need, the survivors decide to risk everything on this one last chance. Will they find the medicine that they need? Will they find other survivors? What happened to the patients during the outbreak?This title is available on The link below is my affiliate link to the book. The Home: A Zombie Survival Short Story

Zombie Horror Books

Hunting Season

This is another story set during the Zombie Apocalypse. What would happen if the Apocalypse was a purpose set event? In the confusion and chaos that reigned in those first days, the incident at the CDC and Fort Meade nearly went unnoticed in what was left of the media. This is the stories of survivors from the CDC incident.

Military Science Fiction Books

The New Glasgow War

Set in the distant future, the world of New Glascow is fighting for independence from the Federated Union of Planets. Sergeant Duncan must lead her platoon against overwhelming odds to forge a new life for her people.

Prequel: Free Fall

Available now.

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Book 1: Out of the Ashes

As the cities of New Glasgow lay largely in ruins, Sergeant (first name) Duncan leads her squad against the mechanized iron fist of the Federated Union of Planets. Short on men and materials, the odds are against them. Help is coming from other planets but with nothing left but strong willed determination, will they be able to hold their ground until it arrives?
In command of an under-armed platoon and ever increasing responsibilities, can Sergeant Rachel Duncan rise to the occasion, or will she crack under the intense pressure of a world under siege?
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Book 2: Counter Strike

Coming November 2017

Book 3: TBD

Coming December 2017

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