Chris Stoesen Fiction: The New Glasgow War Series

The New Glasgow War Series

  The New Glasgow War is a Military Science Fiction Adventure series. It begins on the planet of New Glasgow as they find themselves under attack from the Federated Union of Planets naval and ground forces.

  The story focuses on the actions of Sergeant Rachel Duncan as she leads her platoon against heavy odds. The FUP has better technology and heavier weapons. But the militia of New Glasgow has friends who are supplying her with men and equipment to continue the war. The goals of New Glasgow are full membership in the FUP or independence.

  The prequel to the series, Free Fall is availible now.  Simply sign up for my Sci-Fi mailing list and a copy will be mailed to you.  Free Fall begins Rachel's story when the war with the FUP begins.

  The first book in the series is Out of the Ashes. It was released on October 2017 and is availible exclusively from Amazon.

  The second book in the series is Counter Strike. It follow on immediately after Out of the Ashes. This time Rachel takes the fight to the enemy beyond the planet surface. This book is due out on November 21st, 2017.

The Omnibus includes books 1-3.

Phoenix Rising is the fourth book in the New Glasgow War series.

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