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Monday, May 22, 2017

Works in Progress

I have reached and surpassed the 9K mark in my sci-fi story. I believe that I will release this as a short story of about 15K to 20K words. It will be part of a larger series that I hope to release several more this year. I am struggling for a name for both this book and the series. I may be asking for beta readers for this before I get to the naming point. Not sure yet.

Also I have two stories completed for the Hemisphere project. This will be collaborative effort from a writing group that I am part of. We created the imaginary town of Hemisphere where - Anything can happen, and something always does. Thus far, we have three writers on board with the project and are diligently working on their stories. Hopefully we will be releasing first of them over the summer.

What about the Devareaux series? Well, progress is still going on but at a slow pace. I will get back to Thomas and his crew soon enough. At the moment, he is training Russian Airship crews in the Crimea and I can't in good conscience leave him there.

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