Chris Stoesen Fiction: Honor Restored Update and others

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Honor Restored Update and others

I have finished with the my first round of editing and have worked up a cover for it. I will be sending it out to my Alt History subscribers shortly. Right now I am waiting on permission to use an image. If that gets approved, I should be in good shape.

I have also begun work on a new series of short stories. I have three stories planned out. Two are written and I am about a third of the way through the next one. This will be part of a larger collaborative effort. At this point, I don't know much about the how or when of the release of these yet. But I have had a great deal of fun working on them.

Last update for today is on my Sci Fi series. I am still working on the first book. I am thinking about writing at least the first two of the series before releasing them just to see how that goes. Then again, I doubt that I have the patience to wait that long.

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