Chris Stoesen Fiction: Update on New Glasgow War Series

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Update on New Glasgow War Series

I just finished with the edits from my beta readers. Thank you very much for your input. Counter Strike has been uploaded to Amazon and is ready for publication on November 21st.

Book three is coming right along in time for a December launch. I have just broken the halfway point with it. It was my goal to have it finished by this point of nano but I feel good that I have done what I have so far. If all goes well, i should have the first three books in the New Glasgow War series in a bundle and availible as a Kindle and Paperback edition sometime in January. Or at least that is the plan. We will see.

Starting work on the outline for book 4 of the series. Hopefully I will make some progress on that.

In the meantime, I have been doing some reading myself. Just finished with Jamie McFarlane's A Matter of Honor in his 12 book series A Privateers Tale. It is a great series. Really enjoyed this book. Will have to get the next one this week.

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