Chris Stoesen Fiction: And the Editing rolls on.

Monday, May 2, 2016

And the Editing rolls on.

I am still working on the last batch of edits for The Last Airship from Khartoum. I am really pleased with the job the editor has done by applying the edits has proven more problematic for me. I foolishly printed out the edits with two pages on one to try to save paper. Turns out, my eyes are not up to this challenge. I have gotten through chapter nine of thirty.

So my release plans for April of this year are apparently some fantasy rather than anything realistic.

But I need some help from you. As the book sits now, it is really two parts. The first ten chapters deal with wrapping up some issues left over from the first book. Then the next twenty cover what the title is really about. Should these be broken up into 2 separate books? The whole thing is currently about 65K words in total. Do I release the first half as a novella for $0.99 and the second half as a book? Or keep the whole thing together? I can't decide.

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