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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pressing Forward

The Third Book in the Devareaux Series

I have started work on the third Devareaux novel. I had a burst of inspiration and started to work through the first chapter. The scene crystallized itself in my mind and it started to flow really well. What hasn't happened is the rest of the story. I had a first thought that i have already rejected. It started down an Indiana Jones type of path that really did not suit the stories as a whole.

What I am thinking of doing is bringing Devareaux and his crew back home and involve them in a war with Mexico. When Devareaux gets back to the Confederacy, it will be 1885 and the second year of Porfiro Diaz's presidency. Mexico was still involved with the Mayans in the Yucatan. They had just destroyed their independent state in 1883 but historically would not finish the fight with the Mayans until 1901. They had just finished with a coup which propelled Porfiro Diaz into power. They are just a few years away from the Garza Revolution in 1891.

Given this, it's time to make a mess of history again. Confederate Airships may just have to take to the skies above the state of Coahula. We will see how this all turns out.

Science Fiction Stories

i just got back from Space Camp with my Cub Scout. We all had a great time. But it triggered an idea for a story. I am thinking of posting it in sections here on the blog. Basically it a story of a commercial interest colonizing Mars. It opens with a board room meeting discussing why the colony is running over costs. Anyway, I hope to get something together for you.

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