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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

UK Reviews, WriteOn and ramblings

I just noticed that I had picked up my second UK review. The first was not so good but his point about the editing of the book was fair. I edited it myself and I am not good at editing. However, I hope to have the book professionally edited soon. (Thank you Allison!)

I have actually been making some progress writing the past two weeks. I have fixed some problems in what I had so far for the sequel and fleshed out another chapter. I think I have the first draft about a quarter of the way done. Then I got side tracked. I am about 2000 words into a science fiction story now. Its is a space opera type of story beginning with a young midshipman leading his first boarding group on a friendly vessel that is not responding to their ship's hail. I am debating putting this up on either the blog or on the Amazon WriteOn site.

Have you heard of WriteOn? Its a cool concept where folks can put up their short stories. A buddy of mine has a story up already. Head on over and check out his story One Night Only. The web interface for mobile devices is not so good yet as it gave the impression of a second page when there is not one. Its a quick read. Stop by and let Phil know I sent you.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Should it be posted here or on WriteOn or save it up till its a full book and pop it up on Amazon?

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