Chris Stoesen Fiction: 600th Sale of CSS Appomattox

Sunday, January 18, 2015

600th Sale of CSS Appomattox

Yesterday marked the 600th copy of CSS Appomattox sold. I am quite pleased with this. Thank you everyone who has bought my book and a Big thank you to the ten folks who have submitted reviews on Amazon.

What's coming up? Well, my KDP Select status ends in February. I will be experimenting by placing it up on Nook and the iTunes store to see how that goes. I also have an announcement coming for the Amazon UK Kindle store late this evening. Stay tuned for that.

The sequel is coming along nicely. I have not had as much writing time as I would have liked but it is still coming along. I am trying out a new writing tool - Scrivner. Thus far, I really like it. It is much easier to deal with than a single word document.

I have two other projects that are coming up as well. My Mom has asked me to convert her book from a physical format to Kindle. She wrote the book Crossroads to Freedom back in 1998. It is her story as a little girl growing up in Germany during WWII. It covers how she was living in Dessau when the Americans seized the city and when they gave the city over to the Soviets. It also talks about her teen years when she crossed over with her family from East to West Germany and finally made it to New York. It is a fascinating read, well for me at least. The publisher that she used is now defunct. Before they closed, they gave my 85 year old mother boxes of the books and told her that she can deal with it. So now we are going digital.

The other project I am working on is another alternative history piece that I am co-writing with a friend of mine. We have a high level outline at this point. There is not even a name for the project yet but I'll let you know what comes up.


  1. Just got it and looking forward to enjoying it this wet and snowy weekend!
    I love alt-history

  2. I just finished CSS Appomattox and found it an interesting read.The convergence of steampunk and alternate American Civil War is something I hadn't come across before therefore I wasn't expecting much. I was however surprised, the book was outstanding!

    Regarding your mother's book. I would really like to read her account of growing up during WWII and afterwards. I was stationed in Germany all through the '80's and witnessed the fall of Honecker's East Germany and the Berlin Wall first hand. Unlike most US Forces I lived on the economy amongst the German people and became close friends with many of them during my stay. As a result I still feel an emotional connection to Germany and its people and really appreciate hearing their stories whenever the opportunity arises.

    1. Thank you sir. I have scanned in the first couple of chapters into e-format. It is taking a while to get done. I will try to get some physical copies the next time I visit.